How to watch the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 in New Zealand

Cricket has grown to become one of the biggest sports in the world, with the Eastern hemisphere having more than half of the world cup winners with teams like South Africa, New Zealand, India, and Australia among others to have won at least one of the different formats and editions of the world cup.

With the Covid Pandemic pushing the world astray, the T20 world cup comes at a time as a relief and respite to the nations who have experienced the various horrors that have been going on domestically or globally seeing their compatriot nations suffer at the hands of various ailments.

About the world cup

The T20 world cup is being hosted by Australia this year, with the world cup starting on 16th October, and the final being held on 13th November 2022. Australia is the current champion of the T20 world cup as well and it will give them an edge and advantage of the home support that may not be the case for the rest of the super 12 competing for the title.

T20 World Cup 2022

How to watch the T20 world cup in New Zealand?

New Zealand has grown to become the darling of cricket for every neutral cricket fan there is out there. They have witnessed the heartbreak and fell short in moments when every neutral fan wanted them to win and taste glory.

Sky Sports cricket will be providing the coverage of the world cup, Sky sport 3 in particular may be used to provide exclusive coverage and live matches of the t20 world cup being played out in their neighboring country. Sky Sports do not seem to have as much expanse and reach and dominance in the New Zealand television industry which is why they have only dedicated one channel for the coverage potentially.

new zealand cricket live stream

Which channels will broadcast the world cup?

Sky Sports Cricket, under the sky sports umbrella, has the rights to broadcast the live matches of the world cup on television, as well as provide the subscribers with live streams on their other devices, be it mobile, tablet, laptop or others. Sky sports have built the pitch analyst team with some of the biggest and most famous cricketers who will provide the viewers with their in-depth analysis and thoughts on the match and enhance and improve the viewer experience for them by explaining the key and pivotal moments by giving their take on what the best and worst and right and wrong decisions were made according to their knowledge and experience.

How can I watch the world cup for free?

There are many channels where you can watch the match for free, and enjoy the same matches being played out live without having to pay for it. Not everyone would want to pay to enjoy the matches live, for those, there are many live streaming websites that will allow the users to live to stream the matches via links. Sites like willow cricket, Reddit cricket, and cracked stream, among others, are some of the options available for the user to enjoy the matches for free.