Australian Cricket Live Streaming

Cricket has been touted as the gentlemans game for over two centuries now after the British incorporated the game and brought it to different parts of the world under their colonial rule and introduced it to their colonies and the people residing there. It wasnt an instant hit around the world, as, there have been many international matches between countries playing it, but never a designated order or status to it.

Australian cricket Team

The Australian national team is one of the oldest cricket teams to exist in the current cricketing world. With matches played going as far back as the late 1900s, they have grown to become one of the most liked teams in the sport.

Australia Cricket Team

Bits to know about Australia Cricket Jersey and the team

Their new kit has a hint of throwback to their older kits that were worn by the national team in the years gone by, with the jersey drawing a little bit of taste from the previous jerseys along with innovation to make the kit sleek and beautiful.

As is the case with every national cricket team, they have the name of the nation at the centre of the jersey, along with the logo of the cricket board of that nation on the heart of the kit. In the current case, they also have the logo of the upcoming international T20 world cup as well to specialize and focus on the use of the kit for the world cup.

The competition kits designed for the Australian national team are usually different from the ones that are designed for the ODI formats, as there is a sense of auspiciousness to the occasion, and the team, as well as the nation, wants to celebrate it along with their national team.

Aussies, as they are nicknamed, have a stacked squad of players, with some of the best in their position across the field, but it must be mentioned that they may not be headed to the eighth edition of the t20 world cup as the favourites, as they had in the earlier editions of the competition.

Where to watch the games

Australia Team

With cricket growing in size to become one of the most popular sports in the eastern hemisphere, primarily due to the popularity of the sport in India as well as Australia and other neighbouring countries, it still has a lot of popularity in the west with England and west indies and other countries having an enormous passion for the sport and support for their respective national teams. One can watch the games on the following channels -




DD National

PTV Sports

Sky Sports 

Where to stream the games

Although people have grown to watch cricket all their lives in Infront of the television, celebrating and dancing and berating as they watch the match every wicket and every run thats scored. It is to be expected that cricket will have to adapt itself so as to be available and accessible to every fan out there. This has led to many streaming apps and sites offering live streams of the matches for free and/or under a subscription model. Some of the options are -

  1. HotStar
  2. Crictime
  3. Webcric
  4. SmartCric
  5. CricHD
  6. My Live Cricket


1 .When does the T20 world cup start?
The ICC mens T20 world cup starts on 16th October 2022, whereas, the final is set to be played on 13th November 2022.

2. Which streaming sites offer free links to the matches?
There are several sites that offer free links to the streams of the t20 cricket world cup for the users and viewers to stream and enjoy. Some of them include crictime, webcric, as well as Reddit streaming sites and others as well.
3. Which teams will the Australian National Team face?
The Australian national cricket team will face Afghanistan, England and New Zealand as they are placed in group 1 of the super 12 along with the qualifying nations.